Debby Debra,

Here is the end of the year letter from my bestie, Debby. Now, am wondering why she highlighted those words.


At this moment when everyone celebrate with friends and families, I remember those who have made this outgoing year memorable to me and that’s you.

Thank you for been there from the beginning of this year.

I really wanna appreciate you specially for accommodating me as a friend, a soul-sister, a room mate, partner of life etc.

Thank you for those times you cooked for me,you fed me, covered up for my lapses, did my laundry for me, you drove me crazy sometimes to think out of the box, those moments we cried, we laughed, hugs,kisses, playing,bathing, swimming, sewing, gist, brain-storming over business ideas, assignments, the future, the events etc. all around the city of Lagos, couldn’t forget the swimming aspect in a while, t’was fun. Those T-fares and weekend jara from you, to mention a few.

You’re just loving, caring, beautiful and a rare gem;i couldn’t have asked for another after you.

I am saying a big THANK YOU to you,sweetheart, you’ve been awesome within the short time we met me. I am most grateful to God to have ya in ma life.

Compliment of the season to you and your family.


Much love,
Debby Debra.

Freedom Park.

I, Aunt Esther and Debbie.‘Óya Ope give me your handbag, they said children fee is 100 naira, so you would pretend to be my child’.. Even if this line would sell, the security guard at the entrance gate of Freedom park, CMS, Lagos , didn’t  even give us an inkling of understanding.

Saturday 10th of August was the date our newly formed group  ‘Sketchive’  went for our first tour. It was a total package of fun for the architectural students amongst us. Reason being that, as a full blooded Archy student, the possibility of leaving the four walls of your studio to go home is slightly under 3\100. Now, leaving that studio of yours to go on a tour, be it educational or leisure, is sure a grand ball.

And a huge ball did we all get on that day. Right from the morning of this day, when I got a call from the co coordinator Soji Benn saying that I have assigned to mobilise the remaining members of the group who would miss the first departure, I wanted to make a little shakara for this dude, but knowing that Soji always has plan B, I told myself that I ‘better arrange’ properly else I would miss out on this opportunity. And that was how I and my friend Debbie set out to look for others.

The second scene started when Esther Davies- the group’s mini PRO (Esther forgive my use of ‘mini’), rushed back to her lounge to puke! Ha! Na so we begin find the gheyshe sha!  Thinking that we have been left behind again, we freaked out and started to call everyone imaginable that Esther has left us o. You need to see me swollen and round, fuming as if I could kill a mosquito. Anyway,  Anty Esther eventually showed up, with apologies of how her food went wrong and how she had to go and donate some to the loo. Truthfully, if not for love, I for laff her die..

So, we left for the park, with lil Ope trailing after almost being left behind and Collins sneaking off to the gate too, we left with so much drama. At that point, we started contemplating which mode of transport we should use, after much deliberation, we decided to use a cab. The six of us inside one lagos cab! The taxi man sef tire.. with the continuous chatter from Debbie and Esther begging the driver to drive slower than 60m/s, the drive to our destination, Freedom Park, Lagos couldn’t be more Fun…

To be continued….

Ori no ni!

What are my chances? I have approached this matter several times, from different angles at different times. Age was initially a factor, but is it still a factor? Am I still too young to shoulder this things.

I have loved, cared, supported, clothed and fed a lot of people in this life of mine. Is this suppose to be my own fate? Am I destined to only give and not receive in return? Have I been destined not to ever get it right? What exactly am I doing wrong?

I have been back stabbed, disappointed and hated and taken for granted too many times. This is definitely gonna be the last for me, I pray that colour doesn’t have to change and if it eventually does, well, only Jesus can change water to wine.

Lessons learnt from Giving

I once saw a quote that says I give not  because I have too much but give because I know exactly what it is to have nothing. Growing up from a home with just enough to get by, I have come to learn that not everyone who begs on the street does that out of being poverty stricken like some of our folks see it or think it to be, but it just so happened that they have found themselves in that condition at that particular time.

It so happens that my middle name is now called ‘Keziah’ a nickname coined from an Igbo word that means ‘to share’. like my friends would say I can fit to share my husband sef.. na so my life be, no vex. The unfortunate part of this condition is that I didn’t seem to know how to help it. I know I have been inflicted with this ‘illness’ but I also didn’t seem to mind it. I gave everything out including my school fees once upon a time.  If you are one who enjoys giving, you would understand my predicament, you would understand the joys and pride I get in giving people things. I enjoyed it so much that I usually reminiscence on those scenes whenever am angry.

Unfortunately,  I have come to realise that even if you give out your heart to people and die from it, they would complain and say you gave a second handed heart! Yes, Humans are that insatiable. They are like insurance companies, you give a leg they say they want a hand, give a hand they say they want a head. and this constant whining from friends whom I seem to tolerate can sometimes be unbearable. But me being the natural Keziah, it doesn’t stop me from giving them still.  Recently, I asked some friends what their limits are as regards to giving out their things. Some are totally very open to giving it all out while some are equally very cool with keeping it all in. some don’t mind sharing their things so far they get to see it constantly, others just give and let go, but all through this my private survey, I didn’t meet anyone, who gives, get insulted and yet gives again.

The unfortunate incident that broke this jinx, or rather the fortunate incident was one that occurred recently between I and a girlfriend of mine. This babe enjoyed the best of me because she was the closest around., , would naturally accumulate all the things I do not want, most of which I wanted but because she said she liked them, she got them all anyway. One would expect a degree of loyalty from this friend and roomie but this girl was none of it, Anyways, to cut the long story short, she threw my gift in my face on that day, that gift was one I went all out to get for her since it was her birthday. and what did I get in return, the babe asked me if that was all she would get? I was so disappointment that I took a long walk from her and never looked back.

After receiving a baptism saying No recently, another girlfriend asked me for one of my pair of shoes, and lo and behold, i said No! Yes, I said NO!  are you surprised? oh don’t be o. Cause that illness of mine didn’t affect my ability to appreciate good shoes and of cause I DON’T JOKE WITH MY SHOES. lol

Child not Bride

The idea of the blog came to me after our senators made a mess of our country and its constitution. I wanted so bad to make a statement and here it is;
If Farida Waziri (EFCC), Okonjo-Iweala (Finance Minister), Dora Akunyili (NAFDAC), Aloma Mariam Mukhtar (Chief Justice of The Federation), Prof Ruquayattu Rufai (Education Minister) had
married at age 14, would they have risen to the positions they held or holding in the society?

In Nigeria, Its illegal to drink before 18yrs, drive before 18yrs,
watch porn before 18yrs, too young to vote before 18yrs, then, why is the SENATE choose to legal marriage to Kids before 18yrs.

Why Must The Senate Listen to Senator Yerima who Supposed to be In jail for Marrying an under-aged girl (13 year Old), when the Constitution of Nigeria states otherwise?

STOP there Perverts, Paedophiles, Sex starved Old People from fiddling their shrinking, wicked and dying hands off our Kids Now!
Sign the Petition!

Please note that before 18yrs she needs a dictionary not a
DICK, give her a pen not a PENIS,
Give her money for textbook not for ANTENATAL,
she should be playing swell with friends, not watching a sick pervert “SWELL” at her sight.
Ask her for books not her BOOBS,
give her good education not EJACULATION,
she should be watching Ben 10, not going on ROUND 10.

Its is completely wrong ethically, psychologically, socially and morally to give out a child for marriage underage.
Allow Them to Grow and Make a Choice On who to be with, Not Selling them away in the Name of Marriage.

Me, myself and I.

Hey fellas, 

Welcome to this wonderful space of me, myself and I. Finally, this bird has acquired the lone space she has always craved, so folks, stay tune for updates and every gossip you wish to confirm *winks*.. See Ya around!